Gettysburg Relics

Authentic Civil War relics and artifacts with excellent provenance.

We specialize in providing historically significant Civil War relics and artifacts with impeccable provenance. My name is Andy, and as a historian and former college professor, I am dedicated to preserving and sharing the rich history of these items and have done so for many years both online and in my former Gettysburg shop, Artifact at 777. Working with my very knowledgeable partner, Ryan, we will always do our best to offer interesting artifacts from many diverse locations - all with historical provenance.

We include as much documentation with the relics as we possess. This includes copies of tags if there are identification tags or maps, as well as a signed letter of provenance with the specific recovery information.

All of the collections that we are offering for sale are guaranteed to be authentic, and are either older recoveries, found before the 1960s when it was still legal to metal detect battlefields, or were recovered on private property with permission. Land on battlefields that is now Federally owned, or owned by the Trust, was acquired after the relics were recovered. We will not buy or sell any items that were recovered illegally, nor will we sell any items that we suspect were recovered illegally.